Cat Tech Catalyst Services

Dense Loading
TURBOcat Dense Loader – Unique technology offered by Cat Tech the TURBOcat can offer load rates up to 15m3 per hour and been successfully used and refined over many years. JE Dense Loader – Regarded as one of the market leading technologies, the synergies between our vast experience as Catalyst Handlers and our association with Japan Energies ensures you receive the very best service using the very best technology.

Reformer Loading
CATcade Reformer Loading is unique to Cat-Tech and offers a way in which consistent and uniform loading can take place within Primary Reformer units. The key factor is for the catalyst not to be damaged whilst being loaded and with the help of out velocity breakers our CATcade system is trusted by many catalyst manufacturer and petrochemical plants all around the world.

Tubular Loading
CATcap tubular loading technology is a system which pioneers the way in which tubular reactors are loaded. Although the system we have developed has been subject to imitation, we have found that no other technique produces the same high level of uniform and consistent loading. Which some reactors containing over 10,000+ tubes, our knowledge and technology in this field allows us to offer a fast, reliable and trusted method which has been used in a number of the world largest and valuable tubular vessels in the world.

CATnap® Catalyst Passivation
A major breakthrough in catalyst unloading technology is now available and Cat Tech are proud to be setting new standards for safety in the Industry.

CATNap® patented technology eliminates the need for working in dangerous nitrogen filled environment typically created in Hydrotreaters and Hydrocrackers whilst routine maintenance is carried out. Whilst standard industry practice has historically dictated that the removal of self-heating and pyrophoric catalyst means an inert atmosphere is a must, this is no longer the case. Instead a proprietary CATnap® chemical applied as part of a modified reactor shutdown procedure coats the catalyst surfaces supressing self-heating and toxic/pyrophoric dust allowing your catalyst to be safely unloaded in air.

CATnap® benefits are not just limited to safety however, through its application; we have a proven record in helping refiners significantly reduce their shutdown timeline on critical path reactors and with that benefitted from substantial associated cost savings. The passivation process mitigates high LEL's, eliminates the hot hydrogen strip and allows quicker cooling of the reactors as the process takes advantage of cooling under oil recycle. This is in addition to the substantial savings in Nitrogen costs.

To date CATnap® has been applied to over 350 units worldwide and through re-engineering and process development we can ensure that your catalyst unload is first and foremost the safest possible option and the most cost effective. Skimming or full catalyst removal, CATnap® allows you to exploit a combination of significant risk and cost reduction measures whilst ensuring the catalyst remains fully regenerable.

We offer a full pre-engineering evaluation at zero cost so please contact us for further details.

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